Comes with FREE Crate!
Autumn Blue
Really good dog, herding dog. good temperament. DOB 8-19-15.  24 pounds. full grown.   Potty trained.  Medium to high energy. The adoption fee $125 and comes with a free crate.
DOG of the WEEK. comes with free crate $125. Benjamin - DOB 12/15/15, currently 36 pounds.  full grown.  Beautiful dog. Great dog and smart.  good temperament. Crate trained, potty trained, working on commands. Beautiful dog. High energy and one free training session, Beautiful sweet dog. Never marks in the house.

Red Heeler. Super sweet. DOB 11/19/14, currently 67 pound. Found living under a porch eating rocks. Easy sweet laid back. Trained.  Comes with free bag of food, ID tag and collar.  Fee $125.
Coco Pickens
Crate and house trained, working on some commands. Doing well with cats. Very loving. Will play fetch. Sweet temperament overall.  The adoption fee $150 and comes with a free bag of dog food.
Dog Doctor
Dog Doctor is a Redbone Coonhound, DOB 8/12/15, Red, Beautiful dog, smart.  His adoption fee is $200.
DOB 8/13/16  Crate trained and house trained.  The adoption fee is $125 and comes with a free crate.
Ryder is a Shar Pei and loves to run and play in the yard with other dogs. Comes with one free training session. Spent a couple of months in the shelter so needs to work on manners. Which is typical of a shelter dog.  The adoption fee is $125 and comes with a free crate.
Topaz medium energy. DOB 2/25/15, currently 46 pounds. Despite his rough life so far, sweet Topaz is desperate for love.  He whines for attention and loves to have his ears scratched. Sweet and loves to run around outside and come inside and take a nap by your side. Topaz just needs time and his hair will all grown in. He is doing great and needs a home. He is healthy.  Adoption fee is $150 and includes a free crate.
Jo Jo
Walker Hound. Super sweet. About 1.5 years old. The adoption fee is $150.

M & M
Adoption fee is $175 and comes with a free crate. He is so sweet.  Very laid back.  Gets along with other dogs.

Rockies 6 month female.  She is black and tan.  Progressing on potty training.  I just love to run and play in the yard.  High energy.  Loves people and loves to play ruff with other dogs. A super sweet love bug. Loves people. A great guard dog. The adoption fee is $150 and comes with a free crate.
Klondike is a one year old male pit mix.  He is  53 pounds.  He's good with kids and other dogs, cats unknown. He knows how to sit.  He is house trained.  Comes with free crate Sweet and loving. A big love bug, you need to know the breed.  One free training session with adoption, however dog does not need it, it is more for you.  Adoption fee $150.