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In association with Cherokee Humane Society, we are animal advocates committed to helping dogs in-need find secure, loving, forever homes.

Through a network of volunteers, we rescue dogs (adults and puppies) from county animal control facilities throughout the state of Georgia. Once the animals are in our care, we provide loving foster homes, veterinary care, medicine, spay and neuter, vaccinations and of course food. When the dogs are ready to find their new families, we screen and help match dogs with their new humans through our adoption processes and events.

It's a tremendous undertaking and we can't do it alone.  Currently, thousands of dogs are euthanized each year throughout the state of Georgia because of neglect, abandonment and overpopulation.  If you're interested in how you can help, learn more about how to become a foster or other ways in which you can volunteer.

We had a great 2017 year at Acworth Petco!  Throughout the year we did a total of 335 adoptions, an increase from 2016.

  • We helped out countless dogs in our community.  We stopped counting after number 42.
  • We helped with three different hoarding situations.
  •  Rescued about 6 dogs from folks not caring for them
  • Several missions to track down dogs living in streets or woods
  • Only got bit twice
  •  As a group effort which took lots of time and money we were able to reclaim Alfie

2016 was a good year for the Cherokee Humane Society Acworth Petco Adoptions site. We adopted out 270 dogs. That’s a little less than we did last year, but that's ok, because we helped a lot more dogs in the community, other local rescue groups, and local shelters.


Here is some of what we did as part of our outreach program:

·     We treated up to 5 dogs that were positive for heart worms.

·     We spayed/neutered up to 7 dogs.

·     We vaccinated many dogs.

·     We gave food to families in order to help keep dogs in loving homes

·     We microchipped a few as just part of our community outreach for the needy.

·     We also gave a truck load of food/treats to two rescue groups and four shelters.

·     We split litters twice with two different rescue groups.

·     We helped out with four hoarding cases and numerous mange cases.

·     We reclaimed two dogs, and paid for needed surgery for two dogs whose owners could not do so.

·     We cared for numerous neglect cases and two abuse cases – pulling from shelters or convincing owners to surrender to us for the good of the dog.

·     Twice we went out into the community to locate and then rescue two families living in horrendous outdoor environments.

2015 - Just a few of the 503 dogs adopted this year!

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