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  • April 26, 2017 - We got him back! WE GOT HIM BACK LOOKING LIKE THIS!!!!Donate here to help get him healthly again.Alfie has been kidnapped!Follow his timeline below and please help by donating so we ...
    Posted Apr 27, 2017, 3:42 PM by Valerie McAnulty
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Abandoned and unloved, when Alfie came into our rescue the neglect he had endured was obvious and heartbreaking. He was dehydrated; his ribs were visible through his hairless coat, his eyes were almost glued shut with green mucus and he had an untreated tape worm depleting the little strength he had. We knew rescuing Alfie would mean he’d require a staggering amount of medical treatment and most of all a very special foster home where he could decompress and heal.


Alfie has been with us for four months and his health is slowly returning but he continues to require medical care and his bills are mounting. We’re not giving up on Alfie. He has the most loving, sweet-natured personality and even with everything he’s gone through and continues to endure, animals know when they are safe and his soulful eyes and loving gaze keep us going on his behalf, but we need help.


Among other things, Alfie has been undergoing treatment for mange, but even with his medicated baths at the vet and treatment at home, he is still suffering with hair loss, open, bloody sores on his body and intense itching that would make you and I lose our minds.  The additional testing and treatments will put his total medical bills at more than $1,000. 


Can you help us to help him? Every dollar puts us closer to easing this sweet boy’s pain, and together we can make sure Alfie is healthy and happy and ready to find his forever family. You can donate to Alfie’s care by making a donation at and note “For Alfie”. We will update our website with photos and progress reports.



A Note from Alfie’s Foster Mom

When I received Alfie my heart ached to see the condition of this sweet, gentle, humble animal. I can't imagine why anyone in their right mind would mistreat him or any animal period.


Right away Alfie and I bonded. He'd let out soft groans as I gently washed and treated his affected areas; as if to say--thank you for helping me.  The first night at home with me, I gave him a comforter so he could be comfortable. He knows it's his "blanky" and even waits by my laundry room when I wash it for him. Like a baby, he loves to snuggle his blanky.


Although Alfie was in bad shape when I first got him he trusted me because he knew he was in good hands and in a safe environment, but most of all he knew he was loved. On a daily schedule I feed, water, give Alfie his meds, vitamins, wash and treat his bleeding, irritated, itchy, flaky skin, and take him on several walks. As days went by he started to regain his strength. Some days he can't thank me enough because he stops, then stand on his hinds legs looks me in my eyes with a cute doggie smile gives me "kisses" when I ask him to. Each morning I sing a good morning song to him as I walk over to let him out of his crate and he stands up happily to give me kisses then playfully runs around for me to chase him and sometimes we even dance.


Alfie is so smart and full of life. On his daily walks, he enjoys looking up at airplanes; he likes to bird watch, play with a bug walking on the ground or try to catch grasshoppers and squirrels. He walks well on or off a leash. He loves his "baby," which is a red dinosaur and goes to his toy box and empties out all his toys until he finds the one he wants me to play with. His other past time is going for a car ride otherwise known as "bye bye." If we're out walking and I ask, “Do you want to go bye bye Alfie?”...he lights up like a Christmas tree, gets a big goofy smile on his face, a little extra pep in his step and leads us back home (another word he knows) and waits by the garage door for a ride. He tickles me because he jumps in the back seat like a little old man. Sometimes he likes to ride facing the cars behind us. He is so content in the car until we come to a red light or a stop sign, then he may whimper briefly because he prefers the car to continue in motion. I explain to him "as soon as the light changes or it's safe to go we will proceed."  Alfie is house and crate trained. He's only in his crate whenever I can't take him with me or when he goes to bed at night. He loves to help me garden and stands nearby and observes as I pull weeds or plant flowers, and when I clean he likes to bark at the vacuum cleaner and tap at my dust mop with his paw. I tell him...”Good job for being a helper Alfie!”  He and I watch TV together and he likes to lay his head on my lap while I gently stroke his head and he quickly drifts off to sleep, snoring.  Before he goes to bed I massage him in coconut oil to help restore his skin. If I ask him if he wants a "cookie?"(snack/treat) he waits by my pantry door, and he will go to front or back door to if I ask do you have to use the "potty?" or he will let me know on his own.


Alfie is social with other friendly dogs and people and cautious to those he sense that aren't. He's a big sweet hunk of pure love, very intelligent and a great watch dog and protector. I pamper him because he is worthy of it after all he's previously been through. My prayer is that we can help Alfie completely regain his health and whoever adopts him will continue to provide him with plenty of love and proper care, in a safe, healthy home.


Your tax-deductible donation can be made at and we thank you in advance for your support.

April 26, 2017 - We got him back!

posted Jan 31, 2017, 12:05 PM by Valerie McAnulty   [ updated Apr 27, 2017, 3:42 PM ]

Donate here to help get him healthly again.

Alfie has been kidnapped!
Follow his timeline below and please help by donating so we can get him back.

4/26/17: Gloria surrendered Alfie back to Cherokee Humane Society.

3/14/17: We are still trying to find Alfie.  Instances have us to believe that the family has moved away and taken Alfie to avoid paying for his treatment and to avoid going to court.

CHS files for a civil action with the court.

1/6/2017: CHS reports a welfare check to Bartow County.

1/5/2017: CHS goes for a home check to find out why.  Alfie is now completely hairless!  

12/31/2016:  The family still has not finalized Alfie's adoption.  He is now 55 days over due for his allergy shot putting him in a serious health risk that could result in death.

11/19/2016: Alfie goes Foster to Adopt with Gloria and Barrett M.  This period is from Nov. 19 to Dec. 3rd. 

11/16/2016: Most of Alfie's hair is grown back after multiple allergy shots and thyroid medication. 

1/27/2016: Alfie returned with all of hair gone.  

8/30/2014:  Alfie was adopted for the first time as a cute fluffy little puppy.  

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