Success Stories

Happy Endings!
This is our favorite part: The happily ever after. We love to hear from people who have adopted from us and hear all about their new lives together. Here are just some of our success stories. Please comment below or email your success story to

Monkey is awesome! Super amazing with the girls. So so smart. Picks up on commands really easily. She is just a great addition to our family
We love Brownie!!  He's the perfect fit for our family.
Reptiles - adopted in June 2017
She is so wonderful and my best friend!!!
This is Bowie, he was originally Han, from the Star Wars litter. We adopted him a year ago today. He's been such a great addition to our family, such a sweet, smart, loving dog. Thank you for all you do to make sure pets are put in caring homes. 🐶
- Natalie Owings Croft
She loves my kids and they love her. I can't thank you enough for letting us adopt her. She is the best dog we have ever had!
- Natalie Simmons Smith
Hey Mrs. Sherry. This is Jonathan, Kynslee's owner. I took a picture of her playing in the mornings. She's doing great and we all love her!
It's been 6 weeks since we've adopted Princess(Star Wars Mom - Princess Leia). She is so happy and us humans are just as happy to have her in our family. Thank you Ms Sherry and all volunteers for all you do!!
-Annette Karstetter

Quick update on Shasta, she's starting to listen and know what I expect from her but she does shed like crazy oh well, she's stuck with me.  She got off the leash one day and wouldn't come to me at a truck stop luckily there was a lady walking by and she went up to her.  That was a month ago but she's not as nervous and tends to walk close to me on leash now.  Thank you for allowing me to have her.
I just wanted to thank you so much for allowing Pixie to become a part of our family. We've had her over 5 months now & the love gets deeper each day. She is such a good little girl. And talk about smart.....she sleeps with my daughter but knows my son feeds her in the morning. So every night, Pixie gets her dog bowl & places it in front of my sons bedroom door. I had a black Lab that we lost almost 3 years ago & Pixie reminds me so much of her. I swear my Lab came back to me in Pixie. Here's some recent pictures of the best thing that happened to us.
- Jill, Holly & Grant Jackson
Arlie (formerly Ivory) loves her backyard and her sister. She is the sweetest girl! 😍
-Kristi Watson Kvenild
We renamed Dove as Chester, and we love him. He has a warm, friendly personality and is very obedient. We did puppy 101 and 102 with him at Petco. He's great with kids and other animals...really the perfect pet. Super smart. Thanks for bringing him into our lives.
We adopted sweet Mr. Duke - he thinks he's a lap dog!
He is the best addition to our family we could have made. We often walk the dogs in the park near us. Sea Salt Bobby isn't used to children cause we don't have small ones any more. We come upon a young mother pushing her little boy in a wheel chair and Bobby wanted to make a new friend (he's always doing that). He looked at that child, cocked his head to each side and decided the boy needed his magic. He licked the boy on both cheeks and broke everyone's heart. Thank you for all you do. He's a love.
-Wayne Simmons
He's a great puppy.  I'm really glad we found each other.  And him and my other dog are best friends.
Just wanted to update you! I got 
Bella (Antipope from the Wonder Woman litter) in for her last round of shots last month and she got her rabies done last week. She is around 35 pounds and doing great! I have her in formal training with Atlanta dog trainer and she is loving it. Thank you for helping me find Bella, now that I have her, I’m not really sure what I ever did without her. You do a great job and are a blessing to all of these animals, keep up he great work!
We adopted Boaz (aka Topaz) almost a year ago. He is such a sweet, smart little man who has brought so much joy to our lives! Adopted puppy dogs are the best!
We adopted Sofia and Stich. They are wonderful dogs and we are so thankful for them.
-Debbie Dearner Taylor
I adopted Martha, the black, one-eyed lab mix last summer. I know your job can be hard sometimes so I just wanted to show you one of your success stories. Martha (renamed Sparrow) has the most wonderful life! She was so shy when I got her but has completely come out of her shell. We adopted her on June 3rd, 2015, so she just had her on-year anniversary with me. She enjoys her daily walks and trips to the dog park to see all of her friends and sleeps in the bed with me every single night, or on top of me most nights. She is the perfect dog! So friendly with other dogs, and she around people but does not bite as a defense mechanism at all, which is so nice. She is the type of dog that will go on a three-mile hike with me, but also be fine laying in bed and watching Netflix for a whole day. She is so great and I feel so lucky to have her. I even threw her a party for her 2nd birthday in January, complete with a doggy cake. Thank you so much for everything you do, enjoy the pictures and I'm so glad this girl is mine!
-Rachel Robinson