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Medical Issues

Coco Pickens
We rescued Coco and got her medical attention for her cherry eye. She is now doing great and ready for adoption.
Friday Amaris
Friday came to us heartworm positive, with an infected swollen gland in her neck, as you can see the lump in her top picturre. She had a lump in her mouth the size of a golf ball and one even larger on the outside. She went through surgery on the inside of her neck and had a drain tube on the outside. She is totally fine now and will not have any long term effects. She has been adopted, picture below. She is the sweetest dog ever!
Topaz is a Cherokee Humane Society dog that we recently had to reclaim from a very neglectful owner. He was adopted out as a healthy and happy puppy at the age of two months. A year has passed and sadly, Topaz is now a very sick, very sad dog who is having trouble even just walking. He has spent the last 17 days at our vet getting intensive care. It has been determined that he has is suffering from extreme mange, every parasite you can imagine, and a bacterial infection. Many of his blood tests are coming back abnormal. He is at least 20 pounds underweight. The pictures that you see were after he received his first couple of baths. Honestly, the pictures from before his bath were just too disturbing to share. Despite his rough life so far, sweet Topaz is desperate for love. He whines for attention and loves to have his ears scratched. He needs a foster that can provide him with daily medication, several baths a week and lots of TLC to help him build his trust in people. We also need donations to help with his vet care. His vet bills have already exceeded the limits of our rescue and our foster coordinator has jumped in to help cover his vet bills. We expect this will be a long road for Topaz, and we care committed to getting him healthy again.
Sergio has been so neglected it’s hard to imagine him as the regal breed he is...a Great Pyrenees. His three short years of life have only included heart ache and physical pain, but with your help we’re going to make sure the rest of his life is marked by health and love.  Because Sergio is a lover and not a fighter, he stood little chance against other, aggressive dogs on the farm where he lived. The scars and bite marks tell their own story of fear, chaos and pain, and although we can’t imagine how someone could turn their back on this kind soul, his complete emaciation tells of hunger so severe we’re surprised he’s survived.  What should have been a gorgeous, white coat was so matted and caked with dried dirt and blood it took seven different blades to shave Sergio so we could begin to treat his skin lacerations and infections. Green goop literally spills from the insides of his ears and he has a broken leg that was left to heal on its own by the farmer who couldn’t have cared less is this gentle giant lived or died. Quite simply, it’s going to take a village to help Sergio regain  his health. He’s currently staying at the veterinarians’ office and when he’s healthy enough to be released, he will go to live with a vet tech who has graciously agreed to foster during the second phase of healing. We estimate it will be a full year before this sweet soul is ready to find his forever family and we know the vet bills, ongoing care, food, supplements and supplies are going to be more than we can handle without your help.
Abandoned and unloved, when Alfie came into our rescue the neglect he had endured was obvious and heartbreaking. He was dehydrated; his ribs were visible through his hairless coat, his eyes were almost glued shut with green mucus and he had an untreated tape worm depleting the little strength he had. We knew rescuing Alfie would mean he’d require a staggering amount of medical treatment and most of all a very special foster home where he could decompress and heal.

Alfie has been with us for four months and his health is slowly returning but he continues to require medical care and his bills are mounting. We’re not giving up on Alfie. He has the most loving, sweet-natured personality and even with everything he’s gone through and continues to endure, animals know when they are safe and his soulful eyes and loving gaze keep us going on his behalf, but we need help.

Among other things, Alfie has been undergoing treatment for mange, but even with his medicated baths at the vet and treatment at home, he is still suffering with hair loss, open, bloody sores on his body and intense itching that would make you and I lose our minds. The additional testing and treatments will put his total medical bills at more than $1,000.

Can you help us to help him? Every dollar puts us closer to easing this sweet boy’s pain, and together we can make sure Alfie is healthy and happy and ready to find his forever family. We will update our website with photos and progress reports.

When you’ve volunteered in rescue for any amount of time, you think you become immune to the horrors and tragedy of abused and neglected animals, but you don’t! And there are some cases where your heart breaks wide open and you wonder at the state of humanity. Jett is one of those cases. Wrapped and tangled in a tie out for who knows how long, this poor baby was cut so deeply and viciously there was no way to save her leg, and the damage to her neck is extensive. She required an emergency amputation and additional surgery to clean and repair her injuries. Currently, this baby is staying at the veterinarians and requires IV pain medication and antibiotics as she struggles to heal from the obvious neglect she’s endured. She’s malnourished and her little body and soul are fighting so hard to believe there’s a new life waiting for her.
We need your help. We know it’s hard to look at these photos, but we hope your heart also breaks wide open because Jett deserves our love and for each of us to care enough to help her heal and begin a new life. As you can imagine, her vet bills are sky high and even though we know she’s worth every penny it will take the love and contributions to continue her treatment, we just can’t do it without you. She has a long road ahead and we hope you will travel it with her.
We rescued Tawil and her puppies. She had puppies at a very old age. Her puppies have all been adopted. Tawil had several lumps that needed to be removed on her body. She is now healthy and doing great. And waiting to find her retirement home.

When we rescued Rena, she was skin and bones and had a cherry eye that needed medical attention. Here you can see her before and after photos.
Pongo was found as a stray only 6 weeks old and 5 pounds and a fractured leg. It was very obvious he was tossed from a car. He is healed in foster care and as been adopted to his forever home.