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Some dogs just get a raw deal from the very beginning and our beautiful Anna is one of those dogs. She originally came to us with eight siblings, only a few days old, orphaned and already suffering from a rather rudimentary tail docking. She had to be bottle fed while we also kept continuous pressure on her tail stub to keep it from bleeding. She was one of three from the litter that survived.

We kept her healthy and helped her thrive until she was ready to find a family of her own and as a small, adorable puppy...that’s exactly what happened...she was adopted by people we thought would love her for her entire life. As Anna grew, her family began to notice something was wrong with her knees. She’d all of a sudden fall to the ground while walking or playing, as if her knees would pop out of place and leave her stranded, and because of this Anna’s family decided she was more trouble than they wanted to deal with and they returned her. Now, she had a broken body and a broken heart.

Anna ended up requiring surgery, and we’re happy to report that she is running and playing and has made a full recovery, but once again Anna is looking for her true forever family. From her tragic beginnings to her interrupted adoption, this dog has never lost her zest for life and maybe it’s because of her many challenges that she has the sweetest disposition. Anna would love to be part of an active family life where walks and outside play are routine, and where snuggles, head pats and kindness abound.

She is fully vetted, up-to-date on her vaccinations and heart worm prevention, spayed and very healthy. She’s a medium sized dog of 44 pounds and is a little more than a year old (Plot hound mix). Are you the right person to finally give Anna what she deserves most--her true forever family and home?

patience, dedication and love equals a content happy dog, a second chance that he deserved

Sergio has been so neglected it’s hard to imagine him as the regal breed he is...a Great Pyrenees. His three short years of life have only included heart ache and physical pain, but with your help we’re going to make sure the rest of his life is marked by health and love.

Because Sergio is a lover and not a fighter, he stood little chance against other, aggressive dogs on the farm where he lived. The scars and bite marks tell their own story of fear, chaos and pain, and although we can’t imagine how someone could turn their back on this kind soul, his complete emaciation tells of hunger so severe we’re surprised he’s survived.

What should have been a gorgeous, white coat was so matted and caked with dried dirt and blood it took seven different blades to shave Sergio so we could begin to treat his skin lacerations and infections. Green goop literally spills from the insides of his ears and he has a broken leg that was left to heal on its own by the farmer who couldn’t have cared less is this gentle giant lived or died. Quite simply, it’s going to take a village to help Sergio regain his health. He’s currently staying at the veterinarians’ office and when he’s healthy enough to be released, he will go to live with a vet tech who has graciously agreed to foster during the second phase of healing. We estimate it will be a full year before this sweet soul is ready to find his forever family and we know the vet bills, ongoing care, food, supplements and supplies are going to be more than we can handle without your help.

Can you find it in your heart to help Sergio become the healthy, gorgeous dog he is meant to be by making a donation to his ongoing veterinary bills?
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